Welton's rooftop is pecked full of holes!
He MUST find a cure for woodpeckers!

In this whimsical rhyming book, Matt teaches a valuable life-lesson about acceptance, adaptability, and harmonizing with Nature.  


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“…read this book carefully and a miracle will fly off the pages!” 

-Amy O’Brien, author of The Power of Green-  

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 “A life-lesson that must be learned and relearned again!”  

-Joelle Cantor, author of My Wake Up Fall.  

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Publisher's Statement


The Absolute Truth About Woodpeckers is more than just a tale about woodpeckers; it’s a foundational lesson in the Universal Law of Nature. The payoff for reading and understanding Woodpeckers is a more successful and harmonious human experience.  


Woodpeckers was written for children and adults – whosoever is ready to receive its message!  


 Matt is forever grateful to Napoleon Hill, who inspired him to work his own miracles!  

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